It’s time for a Super Summer Sale!! My shelves are overflowing with yarn and other goodies that need new homes! Please help me clear my shelves and make room for new things.

Below are all the categories included in the Super Summer Sale! I’ve put everything in one spot to hopefully make it easier for you to shop. While everything is viewable on this page, you can also click the title of each section to view everything in that specific category or go to the generic SALE page in the shop to view everything at once.

NOTE: When you advance to a different page in a category, it updates all the categories to that page. The categories don’t all have the same number of pages, so the products in some may disappear. I apologize for any confusion that this causes.

Misfits – 25% off

What are Misfits? Well, they’re skeins that don’t quite fit in. They might’ve been colorway trials, the dye didn’t take evenly, speckles broke oddly, or they might even be skeins created with leftover dyes!
They’re all still perfectly usable skeins – they just don’t fit in to the regular lineup. Because of that, you get a discount!

Mohair Lace – 25% off

Mohair is being discontinued! Sale while supplies last!

Retiring Colorways – 20-25% off

The time has come for these colorways to retire. Get them before they disappear for good!

Misfit (B-grade) Enamel Pins – 25% off

B-grade enamel pins are 25% off! While supplies last.