• Knitting Barber – Cord Set

The Knitting Barber – Cord Set


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Beautiful violet hollow cables to use as stitch holders. Comes as a set of three silicone cables (1 – 60″, 2 – 30″) in a tin container. They’re perfect for putting sleeve stitches on hold or putting body stitches on when trying on a garment WIP!

To use, press the end of the cable on to the tip of the needle and gently slip the stitches to the cable for hold, and vice versa for placing the stitches back on to the needles.

Suitable for US 1 (2.25 mm) – US 10.75 (7 mm) needles. Will work best with pointier needles rather than dull needle tips.

The cord sets are made in Vasa, Finland.

Designed originally by The Knitting Barber.

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