set of four resin bear stitch markers in red, green, white, and yellowset of four resin bear stitch markers in red, green, white, and yellow

Gummy Bear Stitch Markers




Add these Gummy Bear Stitch Markers to your next knit or crochet project! These cuties will make working on your WIPs that much more fun! Plus, these lightweight bears have all of the cuteness without any of the stickiness of normal gummy bears!

Unless otherwise requested, each Gummy Bear Stitch Marker will come attached to the larger lobster clasp* photographed. These clasps are big enough to lock onto your crochet stitches or over knitting needles up to US 10.5 (6.5mm)!

Comes as a set of 4 in mixed colors as shown.

These Gummy Bear Stitch Markers are “ready to ship” items. Check the Store Policies & FAQ for more information about processing time & shipping.

*Other clasps or keychains are available; see photos for details for hardware options. I can also send the bear charms without any clasps.


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