Pattern: All About Autumn Cardigan by Dropps Design (free!)

Size: S

Main color: Space City on Classic DK
Stripe colors: 108 Stitches, The Juice Box, and HOME RUN! on Classic DK

Amount: About 2.5 skeins of Space City, 1 each of The Juice Box and 108 Stitches, and 1.5 of HOME RUN! (this is due to the pockets – had I not done them, I could’ve gotten away with 1 skein).

Needles: US 6 (4 mm), US 9 (5.5 mm)

Started: April 1, 2023


Pockets: Original pattern was written for holding 3 strands of varying weights together & only holding 1 for the pocket. Since I’m only holding one strand of DK, I didn’t want to switch yarns to follow the pocket instructions exactly. I cast on the one extra stitch like stated, ignored the instructions to change needles & increase, knit for only 13 inches (I figured the DK gauge would grow some), and then did the one k2tog on the last row as written.

V-neck decreases: Decided I didn’t like the purl 3 together decrease. (Also didn’t understand the instructions for it? Kept saying to work it on the right side, but I would certainly think p3tog on the right side of stockinette would stand out a lot.) So I switched the decrease to a CDD decrease (slip 2 as if to knit, knit 1, slip the 2 stitches over the knit stitch)

Sleeve Increases: I really didn’t like the idea of yo increases, so instead I am doing m1r and m1l where the pattern’s yo increases were.


My gauge is definitely off a bit from the pattern.

I’ve included the “cheat sheets” I made myself in the gallery below! I used these for knitting the stripes to the correct size, inserting the button holes, and for increases/decreases. Please note that these were made for use when making the size Small. Other sizes have different placements for button holes and increases/decreases. ALSO!! This is important – I knit left-handed. So the notes on the cheat sheet on how to do the button holes are different than how a right-handed knitter would make them! I’d advise you to follow the pattern as written if you knit right-handed.

Ravelry: I also have a Ravelry Project Page for this knit. However, many people (myself included) have had issues with the new Ravlery. It is known to cause eye strain, headaches, migraines, and seizures. Please be careful when proceeding to Ravelry!