Pattern: Fading Point by Joji Locatelli (link leads to Ravelry)

Yarn: Bluebonnet Field, New Growth, Wildflower Bouquet, Saucer Magnolia, Wisteria
Amount: 1 skein each on Simple Sock

Needles: US 5 (3.75 mm)

Started: May 5, 2021
Finished: August 21, 2021

I ADORE this wrap. Like with many of Joji’s patterns, it’s very addictive to knit and I learned a cool new technique!

In the side triangles, I added color 1 back in (as the pattern is written, the side triangles end with color 2). I just didn’t want to end it without bringing the last of my rainbow back into the sides!

I knit as the pattern says, but used the following color pattern:
Rows 66-67: color 1
Rows 68-69: color 2
Rows 70-71: color 1
Rows 72-73: color 2
Rows 74-end: color 1

Ravelry: I also have a Ravelry Project Page for this knit. However, many people (myself included) have had issues with the new Ravlery. It is known to cause eye strain, headaches, migraines, and seizures. Please be careful when proceeding to Ravelry!

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