Howdy! I’m Heather and I make the handmades!

First things first, you should know that I believe that:

Black Lives Matter
Trans rights are human rights
Love is love
Climate change is real
Science is important

As for me personally, I wear all the hats around here – I’m the dyer, maker, designer, artist and everything else behind Heathered Handmades. I’m also a dog mom to my fluffy mutt Bear, proud plant hoarder, and superhero enthusiast.

Most importantly, I am passionate about doing what is right and what is good. Crafting has a long history of giving voice to marginalized groups and human rights issues when words weren’t enough. I want to help you give back by supporting organizations and non-profits whose values align with your own. By purchasing from my collections, 5% of all profits will be donated to charity.

Together, let’s knit the change we want to see in the world.