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Crafting for a Cause: Special Olympics

Special Olympics Texas Scarf

I started knitting about 3 years ago and crocheting 2 years ago. I had no idea it would happen, but knitting and crocheting has become a part of my everyday life. I carry yarn and hooks/needles everywhere I go. Seriously… everywhere.

However, I quickly ran out of things to make for myself! Thankfully, that didn’t mean my yarn crafting days were over! My friend Julie introduced me to charity crafting. I still get all the joy of knitting and crocheting with the added bonus that I’m crafting for a cause. I’ve made things for several different charities, but today I want to share one project in particular with you: Special Olympics scarves. 


Many (if not all) states with Special Olympics participate in what they call “Scarf Projects.” Every year the individual states pick different colors for that year’s theme. In 2017, Texas used cranberry, grey, and cream. In 2018, they called it a stash-buster year: black with two colors from your stash. For 2019, Texas is again going with a stash-buster year the only caveat is that you must including gold somewhere on the scarf. 2019 is Special Olympics Texas’ 50th anniversary!


The scarves are collected and then passed out at the Winter Games in Austin. It may not seem like much to some people, but hearing stories of how excited the participants get to receive a scarf specially made for them… that just warms my heart.

For the 2017 Scarf Project, my goal was to make a scarf a month. I am proud to say that I surpassed that goal and lost count after I’d made 25. For the 2018 project, I lost count (again) after 26. I haven’t yet started on any 2019 scarves, but I’ll get there!

Here are some of the scarves I’ve made:

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If you live in Texas and want to learn more about the 2019 Scarf Project, click here! If you’re from outside of Texas, please consider finding your own state’s Scarf Project. You have a whole year to participate, so no excuses! That even means you could learn to knit or crochet just to participate!

My point in sharing this with you: you don’t have to donate money… crafting for a cause is so rewarding. I get to continue making things and learning new techniques AND I get to brighten someone else’s day. That’s a win-win in my book.

4 thoughts on “Crafting for a Cause: Special Olympics

  1. How cool!! I’m going to see if my state offers anything!

    1. You definitely should! If your state doesn’t have a program, you could always make for another. I know the Texas group received scarves from all over the US!

      1. Oh wow! Okay, that could work too!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi all! I’ve been coordinating the info on the participating states for the SO Scarf Project on Facebook and Ravelry. I’ve got the info on the Scarf Project on my blog as well, with the details for all the participating states for the 2019 Project. You’re all welcome to come over and join us; we’d love to see your creations!
    Facebook – Knit and Crochet for a Cause (
    Ravelry – SO Scarf Project (
    my blog – ColouringWithYarn (

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