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Trash to Treasure: Guest Room Nightstand

Trash to Treasure Guest Room Nightstand

Upcycling furniture is a passion of mine. And by upcycling, I mean picking up discarded furniture on the side of the road and repurposing it for my needs. This has become such a well known hobby of mine that friends and family will send me pictures of things by dumpsters and ask if I want them. I have gotten an entire bed frame and loveseat from just this method. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good upcycling project!

Today I want to share my most recent project with you. It’s a side table! Or, for my purposes, a nightstand for my guest/craft room. This is how it started:


Well… that’s how it was when I remembered to take a “before” picture. It originally had a particle board top made to look like fake granite. It was gross and peeling. The top stayed on the table exactly as long as it took me to get back to my house and unscrew it from the base. There was no salvaging it in my mind.

I spent quite a long time contemplating materials for a new top. I briefly purchased a framed magnet board from Hobby Lobby. However, it was about an inch too short all the way around, so back to the store it went. For about two days I desperately wanted a square road sign for a new top. However, my base is about 20.5″ square and road signs are 24″ square. While a road sign would’ve looked awesome, the signs were a bit too large for the space I had for this table. Back to the drawing board.


I come from a family of pack rats. Naturally, this meant I could just wander out to the garage and find some scrap wood to use for a new table top. Not surprisingly, we had several boards that would make the perfect top for my little table! All they needed was a little trim and some stain.


A few quick cuts with my brother’s chop saw and a can of spray paint for the base, and it was looking like a real table again! The beauty of the scrap wood is the knots and nail holes left over from whatever they were originally used for. And let’s be real, I got lucky with these boards! They fit perfectly.


After the stain dried, this little table went quickly into my guest room. I’m so excited about how perfectly it fits! Also, I enjoy how great my lamp from Goodwill looks sitting on my little trash to treasure project. Oh, and remember the loveseat and bed frame I mentioned earlier? Yeah, the night stand is sitting right in between them!

All in all, the only purchase for this project was a can of black spray paint. After deciding on the wood top, it only took a few hours to complete the project. It was pretty simple. All I had to do was cut, attach, sand, and stain the wood top and paint the base. Only problem is my patience! I always manage to bring my projects inside while they still smell like stain. Oops.

This is certainly not the most glamorous furniture project you’ll find on the internet. That really wasn’t the point. What I love about this little table is how it functions for me. I needed something for my guest room to serve as a nightstand and instead of going out and spending loads of money, I was able to save something from the trash. It’s simple, functional, and recycled. That’s a win in my book.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back soon for more of my projects!

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